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Why Free Email?

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The benefits of using free email accounts are numerous.

Changing your ISP or email address becomes a non-issue as free email
is web-based and independent of the ISP you use. You can change from
AOL to MSN to DLS, etc. and always have your account.
You can have your regular accounts and still have your accounts.

You can check your free email account anywhere, anytime from any computer!

You can keep the same email address for life. You are not limited in the
amount of accounts so you can have many. With most ISP's you are
only allowed one.

Free email allows you to keep your PC's system free for your everyday 
business. It does not take up any extra space on your system.

Since free email is just that -- i.e., free -- you can have multiple 
accounts. One could be for ezine subscriptions, another for web
membership accounts, another for business, another for ebay. Have
one account for family and friends, one for school, one for message boards.

It's a great way to sort your on-line life. Each account can be used for
different reasons and communications.

Forget Hotmail and Yahoo. Everyone uses them. Try some email with
Pazzaz... is the way to go.

You can have set up in no time. Sign up
now and you'll be emailing in minutes.

One thing you MUST NOT use your free email for is placing paid ads or for
everyday business email. Using the freemail for spam will
result in shut down of the account.

Free E-mail is the way to go. Free e mail is easy. Free email is quick.



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