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Here are the top 50+ Search Engines. 
Submit your site right here. We change them often, so bookmark this page and come back often! 
We used this page to submit our own sites! You found us thanks to these search engines.

With these search engines and our Marketing & Promotional eZine, you have all the help you'll need!

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ALL THE WEB This search engine rivals Alta Vista in terms of speed and numbers of pages indexed. URL submission is also very easy.

AltaVista Submit index page and the crawler will index your whole site. Fastest of the major search engines to post web sites. Do not spam this engine!

AOL.com Please read the instructions. You must go to the category that you would like to be listed under. Then submit the URL by clicking on the green and gray box at the bottom of that page. You may list many pages.

Ask Jeeves Associated with Teoma and Direct Hit. There is a charge for this submission.

Excite You can make your submission directly to Excite by filling our a simple form and giving them your URL. You may pay, there is a new one time fee.

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Galaxy This is the paid submission page. To guarantee a listing you have to pay.

Google  Very popular. Submit your index page and the search engine will crawl the site.
Google is the most intelligent search engine. They constantly crawl web sites and update them.
If you are already listed with Google and have added new pages, there is no need to submit them, Google will crawl the site on a regular basis and automatically update the pages added.

HotBot Easy to submit and lists URL's very quickly.

LookSmart After you read "How To Submit A Site" go to the Home page and submit under the correct category. LookSmart is now a pay site for commercial sites. Homepages are still listed free.

Lycos Add your URL and be ready with your e-mail address. You may submit more than one web page.

Magellan Although associated with Excite, Magellan still has a separate data base. Easy submission process.

MSN Submit one URL and their search engine will crawl your site.

National Directory Submit one URL and the robot will eventually crawl your whole site going from level to level.

Northern Light Submit only one page, preferably your index.html, and the crawler will list the rest of your pages

Overture.com You purchase key words at this site, and it is very effective. You can actually be the top listing in each category just by bidding it up! For as low as .05 per click, you can also be on  Yahoo!, Lycos, MSN, Alta Vista, CNET and many others because they actually list Overture's top three as the top three on their sites! You will reach 85% of internet users this way!

Open Directory Go to the appropriate category and submit URL at the top of the page.

Teoma New directory, based on Google. Associated with Ask Jeeves. There is a charge.

WebCrawler This search engine uses a robot to crawl through web sites. Make your site robot friendly. You have to pay to be listed. Don't overuse words in meta tags.

Yahoo To submit to Yahoo you must go to the directory, find the most appropriate category and submit on that specific page. It takes about two months to be listed. They no longer accept automatic submissions

Other Search Engines:

Canada.com Easy to submit to and very efficient. Powered by Inktomi search engine.

ComFind  Search for a category and click the "Go! Register" button. They list fairly quickly.

Deoji Search You will need to submit a title, description and keywords.

Euroseek You need only submit one URL and the spider will crawl your entire site.

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Eye on the web You can submit multiple sites but not multiple pages from the same site. The "Submit A Site" link is on navigation bar on the right at the bottom.

Findlink.com One of the smaller search engines adding around 700 sites a day. Easy to submit

GlobePage An Asian search engine for those who want to go global.

HotLaunch Fill in the form and provide a description and search words.

InfoHiway Submissions no longer require a link. There are quite a few boxes to fill in .

Infomak.com Enter the full URL so that the Robot can do a complete index of your site.

InfoSpace A fairly diverse site mainly geared toward business and personal interests. Fast indexing.

Jayde.com With over 750,000 listings this is a search engine that is growing in influence. They offer a very popular newsletter, too.

Jump City The "Submit" button is on the right side of the top frame. Be prepared to provide lots of information

LinkMaster This site uses frames so this link will take you to the home page. Click on Submit URL.

NetPond The submissions are placed in categories. Go to the appropriate category in the directory and click "Add Your Link! This is a fairly new directory.

Net-Worx This search engine is more like a FFA page. Submit and see what happens.

OneKey Go to the correct category and submit URL. It will take you a few minutes to fill in the submission form.

Pegasus One of the smaller search engines. Submit one URL and the spider will index your site.

QuestFinder  A great search engine that is easy to submit to and posts fairly quickly.

Rex A search engine with a unique concept. Rex the happy dog will list you fast. To submit you have go through several pages.

ScrubTheWeb This search engine makes it easy to submit and lists fairly fast. Scrubby the Robot will search each layer of your site for best indexing.

StartingPoint They require a fair amount of information but post new web sites very quickly.

Study Web This search engine is used primarily by academics. Your submission will be reviewed.

SurfGopher SurfGopher is a domain name homepage index.

Thunderstone Very simple to submit.

TrueSearch Submit URL and the spider will automaticaly index your site.

UKPlus Easy to submit and does not require very much information.

W8.net The required information is not very extensive. Be prepared to give a description of your site. This is a great search engine and lists fairly fast.

Webcruiser Go to "Submit Your Site To Webcruiser" at the top of the page and follow the links.

Web-star.com They now have a new submissions form that makes the task of submitting here much easier.

Web Venture This is primarily a business directory. You may also submit personal homepages.

Yeehaa One of the newer search engines. Really easy to submit.

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